Go Viral Dushanbe 2023 Speakers

Meagan Ward

Technology Business
For over a decade now, the evolution of Meagan Ward's work and service has stood in the form of global activism with an immersive touch on the revolutionizing of women’s empowerment. The visionary and design maven has arrived at a transformative space in her evolving purpose as a Diplomatic Speaker of the U.S. Embassy.

The transcendence of Meagan’s leadership has grown a successful American-based branding firm elevating clients into seven and eight-figure earnings. Her designing, which has held a presence in major retailers such as Target and Walmart, has expanded Meagan’s mastery into the facilitation of multidimensional workshops as a partner with Adobe®️. Through her programming, Meagan is continually honing her craft as a niche leader in entrepreneurship, innovation and community infrastructure.

Meagan’s experience as Founder and CEO of her leading branding agency has helped her identify common societal norms that were leaving many women stagnant in their careers. She decided to be the change, and launched Femology, Detroit’s first women-centered co-working facility. Far more than a shared-office space for women -- Femology shifted how women business owners viewed themselves and their community propelling their businesses forward. With a networking over 15,000 women, Femology's unique positioning brought women from various backgrounds, professions and socio-economic statuses while giving access to diverse communities and ideas, and helped foster cross-generational relationships that were often missing from professional settings.